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With a culinary passion, Clara Galant’s kitchen was always open to family, friends, and strangers alike. It's the familial warmth and comfort of my grandmother's kitchen that Clara’s Kitchen customers enjoy in conveniently packaged wraps, burritos, breakfast sandwiches and more.

With a strong commitment to quality, Clara's Kitchen wraps, burritos, and sandwiches are always made with natural, high quality, and non-gmo ingredients

Bagel Dog Cut (1).png

A smokey and flavorful frank hand rolled in a New York style bagel. Microwavable in just 60 seconds, Benny's Bagel Dogs are perfect on the go snack for moms, dads, and kids alike.


Benny's Bagel Dogs are proudly made my our family in San Leandro. 

Since 1956, our family has been delivering this Eastern European experience to cafes, delis, and institutional customers throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Our handmade piroshki are stuffed with a variety of savory fillings and come either baked or fried. 


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